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  • zebra-au Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Your Next Enterprise Mobile Device

    The Aberdeen Group found that an enterprise supporting 1,000 mobile devices will likely spend $170,000 more per year to support consumer-grade mobile devices versus enterprise-grade mobile devices.

  • zebra-au Does Your Mobile Device Pass The Torture Test?

    From checking retail inventory and scanning medical and package barcodes to printing critical documents such as invoices, labels and citations, mobile devices must be able to handle the rigors of 24/7 everyday use in all kinds of environments.

  • zebra-au The future of field operations – 2020 vision

    45% say businesses will be more complicated by 2020. The Zebra’s 2015 Field Operations Vision Study reports on how forward-looking organizations are increasing their investment in mobility to transform their field operations to more proactive, customer-centric and business-driven systems.

  • zebra-au Field Mobility Spotlight JAPAN

    Japanese respondents are also slightly out of line with the regional view on important factors for a mobility strategy. While security is important, the greatest challenge is considered to be meeting rising customer expectations.

  • zebra-au Field Mobility Spotlight SOUTH KOREA

    Looking at concerns around mobile working, 60% South Korean respondents agreed with those in other countries in putting security high on the list. However, a much lower number comparatively were concerned about meeting rising customer expectations.

  • zebra-au Field Mobility Spotlight CHINA

    Respondents in China rated a touch screen and ability to use outdoors in sunlight as the top two requirements. Familiarity and the ability to continue working whatever the weather are contributors to greater productivity.

  • zebra-au Field Mobility Spotlight SEA

    South East Asia wasn’t as concerned as the rest of the region about security. Working in all weathers was considered a greater concern, with concerns about the sealing of off-the shelf Smart phones and the need to use devices in the rain being very apparent.

  • zebra-au Field Mobility Spotlight ANZ

    Off-the-shelf smart phones can seem like a good deal but do raise issues for field work. Over two-thirds of respondents in Australia and New Zealand were most concerned about the devices being used for non-business purposes.

  • zebra-au Considerations in choosing handheld devices for mobile field workers in APAC

    Wherever you are with your mobile strategy, the thread that runs through this report is that the right mobile devices can play a key role in raising productivity and customer satisfaction. A survey of 100 respondents across ANZ, China, Japan, SEA and Korea looking at field mobility now and into the future.

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